The Z Bike is a single model for ergonomics, dimensions, versatility, structural characteristics and weight, but also to allow us to keep the price as low as possible.


The frame contains all of Dallara’s knowledge and expertise, starting from the materials: intermediate modulus carbon fiber, developed in house. Thanks to this particular material, and finite element analysis (FEA), technique we also use for racing cars, we were able to maximize the performance and stiffness of the frame.

Therefore, the power the athlete puts through the handles is transmitted to the wheels, not wasted in bending the frame. This frame also allows users to run either 20” or 26” wheels, a unique feature of our frame that no other competitor can offer that also allows the frame to be adaptable to each individual athlete.


The tubular aluminum fork ensures high levels of performance with a great stiffness to weight ratio. The selected head angle and 0 offset give the bike a neutral handling style, which can then be modified and tailored to the athlete’s preferred riding style.

The moving bottom bracket allows the user to adapt the fork to their needs, while the 3 fixing points on the frame allow the users to easily modify the bearings’ preload and simplifies the assembly and disassembly of the bike.


The Z-Bike was developed to be completely customizable. The variety of setup choices, like in racing cars, allow users to modify the bike based on the track or route it will be ridden on. Such setup choices include the wheel size, either 20” or 26”, adjustable wheelbase, track, camber and convergence angles, and fork trail.

Additionally, users can adjust the backrest, bottom bracket, footrest, and handles of their bike.


The ergonomic seating designed on the frame allow the rider to remain in position and feel at one with the bike. The adjustable backrest, built out of the same material as the rest of the frame, and adjustable bottom bracket make it possible for the user to adjust the handbike based on their specific needs or preferences. The OMP® adjustable waist belt and leg and feet straps secure the rider to the handbike, therefore avoiding unnecessary and inconvenient movements.

The ergonomic handles reduce fatigue levels on the hands, therefore allowing riders to have a more firm grip for longer. Finally, the cushion, which contains anti-bacterial silver fibers, eliminates odors and bacteria.

Technical characteristics

Intermediate modulus carbon fiber frame, high performance composite material unique to Dallara.

Frame designed using racing and hyper car developed Finite Element Analysis methods to maximize stiffness and performance.

Bottle holder/in-frame storage.

Frame designed to accept either 20” or 26” rear wheels.

Adjustable wheel convergence.

Adjustable camber.

Horizontally and vertically adjustable fork to accommodate for everyone’s needs and preferences.

Adjustable preloaded fork bearings and easy assembly/disassembly thanks to the 3-mounting-point design.

Steering damper.

Adjustable bottom bracket position.

Adjustable wheelbase.

Adjustable fork trail.

Campagnolo® gears and brakes.

Adjustable handle distance and 5 sizes available.

Ergonomic handles.

Adjustable footrest.

Carbon-Dyneema chainring guard.

Adjustable backrest made with reinforced carbon fiber.

Anti-intrusion rod.

Parking brake.


Dallara technicians and engineers have worked to launch the first model of this formidable handbike on the market.

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