Giampaolo Dallara, how was the idea for the Z-Bike born?
«It was born from the friendship and admiration we have for a fantastic character such as Alex Zanardi. A character which we learned to know as a great racing driver but that with time proved himself to be a great person too».

What convinced you, company wise, to follow him in the dream of developing a hand bike?
«One of the main aspects that convinced us was the idea that we would develop and create a vehicle that was very useful to both people who cannot use standard equipment but also able-bodied people who can discover a new way of exercising thanks to this bike. This aspect intrigues me the most. The standard movement we do on a bike mainly trains the legs, but this vehicle develops and increases arm-strength and can improve respiratory capacity».

From a technical point of view, what the most interesting aspect to study for the development of the Z-Bike?
«The aerodynamic study on such a small vehicle was the aspect that amazed me the most. The challenge was creating a very lightweight product with high levels of stiffness while using highly elastic materials. Achieving the best aerodynamic performance without increasing the weight was some nice engineering practice».

How did the project enrich the company?
«We discovered a new world and took on some problems that we had never tackled before. Alex Zanardi’s captivated caught us immediately. He led the team, pushed us all to overcome obstacles and set more challenging goals every day. We all worked together with a lot of passion and we are very happy with the product we created».

For the Dallara Company, what does this project represent?
«From a financial aspect, compared to the automotive sector, this project is marginal. However, the idea of putting a smile on the faces of people who had to overcome big challenges in life is incredibly rewarding for us. I can’t wait to see a Z-Bike compete».