The Z Bike, developed by Dallara and strongly wanted by Alex Zanardi, was born with the goal of increasing the technical level of Paralympic cycling and to make it more accessible for aspiring athletes.

Achieving this goal meant researching the current market, understanding what had already been done and what could have been improved. Finding solutions that allowed the bike to be extremely adaptable and versatile, while retaining the performance level of even the most expensive and thorough custom builds.

In a world such as Paralympic cycling, where vast differences exist between each athlete’s bodies and abilities, achieving such a goal seemed unattainable. However, our technicians here in Varano de Melegari and Alex Zanardi, who introduced them to this world, are sure they have succeeded.

In the automotive world, constant improvement and progress is the standard. Every winning machine has to be improved to remain a winning machine and Dallara will take on this new challenge of creating the best hand bikes with the same philosophy and approach that allowed us to become world-class in our companies’ sector.

Sector, which now, with enthusiasm and passion, extends to the Paralympic sporting world.